I hope you’ll be somewhat patient with this space in transition. It was important to me to have something in place for you now, but there’s some work to be done before this is really ready for primetime.

That said, since I’m not promoting this page yet, we’ve probably met me in person, and since you’re here, I’d really love to continue building that relationship. Please drop me a note here or email me directly. If you prefer, hit me up on Twitter or Facebook or check me out on LinkedIn and I’m always happy to text or talk on my phone 516-882-7712.

This site will be updated shortly, but don’t wait for that. I love awesome people, let’s just connect.



Start with a specific, measurable organization goal, and customize a strategy to accomplish it


90 minutes over coffee, tea or bourbon helping you develop an actionable personal strategy


Get in touch if you're working on something amazing and need some help.

I Love To Talk

If you’ve got a great project or you just have a question and you think I can help, get in touch and let’s start a conversation.